Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm checking out one of our regulars. She's a sweet lady from Kansas and is writing a check. Sweet ladies have a tendency to write checks. I don't know why. I'm talking to her about the medicine she's taking since she has some new questions.

A guy walks right past our THREE signs which say "Wait here to protect patient privacy," stands right behind my patient, and starts waving his hands like he's giving the ok for a jumbo jet to take off. I look at him, startled...


He's not screaming, but he's LOUD and OBNOXIOUS and obviously didn't get the lesson in grade school about manners and waiting your turn.

I'm startled by what's happening. My first impulse was to tell him to back up to the signs and wait his turn, but I bit my lip. All I could muster out was my arm pointing in the direction he came from.

The man runs off in the other direction. You'd be surprised how often that happens.

The lady I'm helping looks up at me. She's smiling. "It's a butter emergency," she says.

I reply, "I hate it when that happens."


Footie said...

When nothing else will do.......ten reasons why a Butter emergency might have been declared.
1. Birthday cake needs icing.... the birthday boy/girl is waiting
2. The chef has gone ballistic. "Where iz ze Beurre Blanc?"
3. Pasty pastry... shortening just doesn't cut it.
4. Fat soluble vitamin deficiency???
5. The jeweller is threatening to cut my finger off to get his ring back.
6. Daughters bubble gum bubble burst over hair. Bathe in butter.
7. Son stuck his hands together with modeling glue.
8. Sap dripped all over my classic Chrysler. Buff with butter.
9. Visual aid needed for macro economics lecture on guns v butter model.
10. Last tango lubrication lacking.

bcmigal said...

you two are way cool....