Friday, March 22, 2013

We definitely need a crystal ball on this one...

Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm just old fashioned or run things too much by the book, but I really think we need more information on this one.


Pill Pusher said...

put my name on it...i'll take it

Hildy said...

Thank God for pharmacists. My mother's doc told me to buy betadyne to treat her. I searched and searched but could not find anything called that. I asked the store manager. He searched and eventually pointed to an empty space on a shelf and said "That's probably where it would be, so I guess we're out."

Something made me suspect that he wasn't SURE, so I went to the pharmacy counter and asked the tech. The tech insisted I meant iodine. Why, I asked, would the doc call it betadyne if she meant iodine? Because, the tech informed me, there is no such thing as betadyne.

Fortunately the pharmacist was working nearby, heard the exchange and piped up to say there was such a thing and that they carried it. She walked out to the shelves and gave me a bottle (which had the word betadyne nowhere on it--so I would never have known what it was), said it didn't call itself betadyne, it was the store's own repackaging, but had the two active ingredients in betadyne (blkdjfhgkls and poietspleicyh or whatever they were), and I thanked her profusely. I don't know how busy she was, but I'm grateful she would take the time to show me the stuff rather than deciding the store didn't have it or that there was no such thing just to get rid of me. Sometimes you guys are appreciated.