Saturday, December 15, 2012

Foolish Idea: Unicorn Horn for Cats

This would last about 30 seconds on my cat's head before she ripped it off and killed it.

Can you imagine the people that all sat around in a room discussing and planning the production and marketing of this product and no one piped up and said that hey maybe this isn't such a good idea?  Talk about "groupthink" in action.


Ms. Donna said...

The picture on thehte right says it all. Like you, my cats would have it OFF and destroyed in seconds. Maybe naonoseconds.

Anonymous said...

People who actually are loony enough to let felines into their homes may be loony enough to buy this? I can totally get behind producing something that silly for that demographic. I REALLY do not like cats. They belong outside and in winter, if the snow is too deep, in barns and garages.