Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rumor: Corporate to Install New Pharmacy Software

Rumor has it at my company that soon, NEW pharmacy software will be running on our ancient Windows computers. Apparently the company has hired an outside consultant, a Twitter user named @Kya7y, to help program the new software.

"The current software wasn't clumsy and unfriendly enough, so we thought an upgrade was appropriate," said an upper manager named Manager X, wishing to remain anonymous.

@Kya7y is known for his extremely detailed 33" by 23" maze. He's worked on it for seven years. "There appears to be no workable solution," said Manager X, "which is exactly what we'd like to see with our new software. Anything that can make our techs and pharmacists work harder... we WANT that. And since @Kya7y works as a janitor and has had no relevant pharmacy experience, he's PERFECT for the job."

As with past software upgrades, the new system is said to be coming out "sometime this summer." We'll keep you posted.


Hildy said...

In IT, the rule is the over 40s NEVER want anything new while the under 40s ALWAYS want something new. But here's the thing, you have "ancient windows computers." At some point, they will have to be replaced, which means a new OS which probably your current software won't run on. Probably, also, the current software isn't able to be upgraded to meet new needs, new reporting requirements, etc. Management is smart to think about upgrading now, before you find yourself some day with no software at all. If you're smart, you'll contact upper management and offer to be part of the design effort, to help the new developers so that the software you get will be easy for those using it. The people building it aren't pharmacists--and upper management aren't either. So HELP them rather than complain about the end result.

Crazy RxMan said...

I'd LOVE to help them. And I'll let upper management know I'm willing to be a part of the design effort.

--Crazy RxMan

p.s. Our software is DOS based.