Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's TAX Day, April 15


Oh, yes, it's tax day. And yes, the Federal Government does want you to pay your taxes.

Why? To pay for stuff. Trips for the first lady, White House dinners, parties. But here's where most of your tax dollars went in 2012:

Almost ONE-HALF of your taxes paid in 2012 went to ENTITLEMENTS. This is taking out of your pocket and sticking it in your neighbor's pocket. You may think you live under capitalism, but I'm sorry... this is socialism. If you're lazy and unwilling to work for yourself, this is how I feel about that:

And since there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it right now, or you either, let's laugh a little:

I'll throw in one last little jab, one last snarky comment:

Sooooo... remember:


Anonymous said...

Sorry, my parents paid into Medicare and Social Security, so that's not an entitlement!!

Anonymous said...

Dang. All these yrs I have paid my taxes thinking I would be ENTITLED to social security and Medicare in a few years when I retire. Thought I was paying it forward. Doh!

Don said...

40% on the military?

Wow. Your fear is bankrupting you.