Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why Can't I Return My Medication after I Purchased It?

He handed me his bottle of Crestor. He wanted his money back.

Last night, however, he was ok with the $50 co-pay for a bottle of 90 tablets. I said are you sure? Yes, he was sure. He paid. I labeled the bottle of Crestor that comes directly from the manufacturer.

Today, he's changed his mind. He wants his money back. I tell him no, once it leaves the pharmacy, it can't come back.

He's mad. He informs me the bottle is "sealed." It was. But I'm not giving him his money back. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if people could just bring back their medication any time they want? Can you imagine the possibility for patient harm? Sorry, I'm just not going to participate in that, and if you don't like it, go to a competitor.


Anonymous said...

It's illegal in my state.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's not illegal to take it back and refund the patient's money as long the product is not dispensed to another patient - meaning the drug is disposed of. So it's up to the pharmacist if you want to eat the cost of the medication in the name of good customer service. Very possible you might do that for a drug that cost the pharmacy a couple bucks, but for a brand name product...I don't think so. And a pharmacist that is stupid enough to reuse it for another patient just shouldn't be allowed to practice. End of story.

Unknown said...

It is illegal to take drugs back and when they pull the whole well its sealed. I always use this example: there is a specific temp range for drugs the warehouse and the pharmacy and the wholesaler maintained temperatures to insure safety once it leaves my pharmacy. I don't know if you stuck it in the microwave or the freezer. Under these circumstances would you want something that someone has returned from their house? No? Well if I took it back it would have to go in the trash. That usually gets them to back off.

Hirka T'Bawa said...

I use the microwave example too. Yes you took the drug, you paid for it, but how do I not know you didn't take it home and put it in the microwave? Would you like me to give you a drug that I couldn't verify the supply chain?

The only exception I make is if someone picks up in the drive through, then comes in within about 10 minutes or so (i.e enough to look at the drug and realize it isn't what they wanted and immediately come in the store).

Anything else, only returns is when WE make a mistake, then yea, refund, and goes in damage pile.