Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Calculating Technician Hours

My company uses the latest mathematical models to forecast technician needs and appropriately distribute hours based on advanced NASA super computer algorithms and state of the art Logistics. As such, our technician needs are always met and smooth operation is the norm at my pharmacy chain.

Yeah, right. 

The people in charge of this (who likely have never actually stepped into a pharmacy on Monday morning) look at the last "period" and see how many scripts you've done. Depending on the total number of scripts and that's it (not taking into account the number of times the phone rang, what the script count has been at the same time period last year, or any other valuable data that's been collected). So time and time again we head into one period without regard to what is ahead. The biggest fiasco is August always getting reduced tech hours. The script count is always down at the end of July and we GET NAILED every year.

Thanks, Corporate!

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Eileen said...

Bit like the programme the UK ambo service uses that is meant to predict where the next call will come from and sending out an ambo do do standby somewhere. Usually the other side of town at rush hour...