Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Demotivational Hump Day... The Media

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Ms. Donna said...

Just wanted to show you actual FB post
re pharmacies, Pharmacy name NOT edited out.

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Lovelace Cook at Fairhope Pharmacy, Inc..
1 hr · Fairhope ·

I Am Firing My Fairhope Doctor: Her Office Sent Me to Rx Purgatory

Text Messages to A Friend - 26 hours

Tuesday Morning 10 am
Called the dr office. I have a sinus infection and I'm wiped out. Hope they'll phone in Rx for an antibiotic. I asked. Pointless to go to their office as I don't see the dr - how they run the office is kind of a Wild West show CignaHealthspring Medicare supplement made me change primary care doctors and while she's a nice lady her office is a mess. ����

Tuesday afternoon 5 pm
Pharmacy hasn't gotten dr orders yet... glad you got the postcard from Scotland. That took a long time to reach you. X

Wednesday Morning
10 am - 24 hours later
I'm really glad I'm not in pain! I called the pharmacy - no Rx. I called the dr office. "Oh, wait. Here it is. I'll fax it right over." That's good news.

10:15 am
I'll drive up there in a few minutes.

Another pharmacy just called me. Double shit - they sent the Rx to the wrong effing pharmacy! This was two minutes after I told the doctor's staff which pharmacy. Do I call the pharmacy? Ask them to send it to the one near me? Unbelievable...

10:20 am
I phoned the wrong pharmacy to ask them to call the right one. No - I have to call the right pharmacy so the right pharmacy can call the wrong pharmacy and ask them to send the Rx... I think this happened before. It's like Groundhog Day, the movie.

10:25 am
Ok - the right pharmacy will now phone the wrong pharmacy and I'm going to pick up my Rx in a few minutes. I think this may be my FB post for the morning. ��

10:50 am
At the right pharmacy. Rx isn't ready.

11:10 am
At the bank to give Miss Daphne some things I got for her at Buckingham Palace for the celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday. The phone rings. It's the pharmacist at the right pharmacy. The dr office sent in Rx I'm allergic to.
The pharmacist caught it. Now she is calling the dr office to change the Rx and I just have to wait.

It's noon - 26 hours have passed
At the right pharmacy... I still don't have my prescription. I'm firing my doctor & Cigna HealthSpring. I'm going home & call the doctor I've seen for 15 years! FFS...
Fairhope Pharmacy, Inc.
Pharmacy/Drugstore · Fairhope
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Ollie B. Belcher
Ollie B. Belcher ��
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Lovelace Cook
Lovelace Cook I'm practicing mindfulness and trying to let it go without wasting energy I don't have on frustration.
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Marcia Mathis
Marcia Mathis Yikes!! You fell into the inescapable netherworld of inefficiency. Good luck on making it out alive.
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Kate Green
Kate Green Oh bless Lovelace! Hope you get well soon! Kx
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