Saturday, February 23, 2019

Never, but NEVER give them what THEY ASK FOR!

An elderly man steps up to the pharmacy counter.

Man: “I need some Sudafed.”

Me: “Flynn, get the man some Sudafed.”

Flynn grabs a box.

Man: “I need to sleep and this is just the thing.”

Flynn: “This will keep you awake.”

Man: “My nose is stuffed up and I can’t sleep. I need Sudafed. What’s the pharmacist think?”

Me: “This will help the stuffy nose so you can breathe but it keeps most people wide awake.”

Man, now agitated: “I need to sleep! What can I take to sleep?!”

Me: “Get some Benadryl. It will help your stuffy nose and it causes sleepiness.”

Man: “I have that at home! I don’t want that!”

Me: “Flynn, get the man what he wants. Get him some Sudafed.”

Man, now angry: “I’ve NEVER been treated by a pharmacist like this!”

Man storms off.

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