Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Pete's sake, PLEASE use your debit card!

Ok, then there's the Domino family.  They call the pharmacy, and despite the fact they can use the automated system to put in the their Rx number OR use the Internet, they just HAVE to talk to a pharmacy staff member and give us the Rx numbers over the phone.  This is time consuming.  That's WHY we have the automated systems.  It's FOR YOU and FOR ME.

So after going through all that for their three family members, the Dominoes show up, ALWAYS, during the busiest part of the day.  ALWAYS.  And Mrs. Domino, no matter how many people are in line behind her, no matter how busy we look... she's going to write a damn check EVERY SINGLE TIME.  In 1970 it wasn't a big deal.  In 2012 that's a lifetime!

Oh my they wear me out.  I'm literally exhausted right now just from thinking about them...

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Mary said...

These are probably the people who never start the check in advance & who must meticulously record the amount and rebalance account before handing over the check! Makes everyone behind them in line crazy....even worse when they have lots of coupons, 3/4 of which do ot work, causing further issues!