Friday, October 19, 2012

Pranking the doc's office

I admit it.  I love a good prank.  And I enjoy watching it unfold anonymously.  

What you see here is a shelf with jars of goodies.  It's at my doctor's office.  It's up high so little kids can't get into it, but moms and dads can pick a little treat to keep the kids busy while they're waiting to see the doctor, get a prescription, run over to the pharmacy, and demand that it be filled in ten minutes or less.  But right now we're in the waiting process at the doctor's office.

What you can't tell is a couple of cans of sardines and potted meat that I've set on the shelf.  Here's a close up picture.

Oh it was fun.  Watching people with a stunned look on their face as they pick up a can of potted meat and then quickly put it back.  They don't want anyone to think they actually want a can of potted meat.  You wouldn't, would you?

Later my son took the cans of sardines and meat and put them inside of one of the jars while no one was looking.  Then we went to our appointment and left.  We told no one of our plot.

Several weeks later on a follow up visit I noticed the meat and fish were gone.  I asked the doctor why they weren't offering sardines for treats anymore.  She could see the quirky smile on my face.  "Oh, that was YOU!  I should have known!"

Yep, it was me.  Pharmacist 1.  Doctor 0.  Game on.

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