Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'll take TEN!

Why is that when men come in to ask for a refill on their Viagra, some feel compelled to come in wearing sunglasses?  Do they think we don't know what the medication is for?  Do they think they are the only one on that medication?  Do they think that by hiding their eyes, they are somehow keeping us from seeing their pro-creative lusty soul?

This happens with men age 35-55.  After that age, the sunglasses come off and then these older men are loud and boisterous, like they're announcing to the world, "Yeah, I still do it!"  If there are people around, they're even louder.  "ONE REFILL OF MY VIAGRA, PLEASE!"  Plus, at this age price is no object.  "$18 per tablet?  I'll take 10.  Did you hear me, lady over there that I don't know... I'LL TAKE TEN!"


Mark p.s.2 said...

Why do women still try to look good after they have run out of ovum/oospherers to fertilize?

CrownedwithVictory said...

Wow Mark ps2 you are certainly the type to make me go off. Why wouldn't a woman try to look good, no matter what the status of her fertility? Do you think that is all a woman is good for, reproduction? You certainly come off as a class 1 jerk. I hope all the beautiful women out there (and they are ALL beautiful at all ages) are able to find someone that appreciates her beauty because of who she is, and not what she looks like. And I hope you grow up to be able to see it.

Mark p.s.2 said...

You asked "Why do the men wear sunglasses?"
Society has a sex taboo.

Men are embarrassed to admit they can't naturally get a hard on.
Are they wanting sex for pleasure or for reproduction? I'ld say pleasure.

As children what happens if we touch/pleasure our genitals in public? Our parents usually tell us it is against the rules and shame us.
How many men would proudly say to their fellows they hire prostitutes for sex?

Another example of societal sex taboo.
The female breast is both a sex object and a natural organ to feed a infant.
Some people who see breast feeding in public think its wrong.
Tell me why?
You read (transfer) into me your own belief. "Do you think that is all a woman is good for?"

Men have no way on earth of knowing if a woman IS fertile or not.
All animals in the natural world usually give off a sign of some sort.
The purpose in both male and female of looking good is to attract a mate a presume.

I'm a jerk for questioning her fertility, but you arent a jerk for not having sympathy for the sunglasses guy. "appreciates her beauty because of who she is" the guy has E.D.
Who is he?