Monday, October 29, 2012

Ok, this is pretty gross

I don't know what it is, but there's a few people out there who need a good solid cleaning with some industrial soap and a brush. It's happened too many times to me and it grosses me out EVERY time. I'll take an alcohol swab and rub the arm of my flu shot victim and then discover that I've either wiped off a layer of their skin, or more likely, a layer of DIRT. It's just soooooooo gross. Here's one of my recent swabs:



rockxgoddess said...

It looks like sunless tanning lotion or lotion with mild bronzer. But could just as likely be dirt, too may people are hygienically conservative.

Super blogger? said...

I work in the ER and every single time I cleanse an area for an IV I look and its always gross dirty! Multiple times it comes back black. I thought, hmmm, maybe its the wipes so I wiped my own arm down and guess what...thats right, its not the dang wipe...mine came back clean. Makes my skin crawl that people are so dang dirty!

Texas Pharmacy Chica said...

Had a female in her 50's wearing lotion with glitter on her arms the other day. Sparkles on my alcohol pad!!!