Friday, November 23, 2012

Favorite Patient of the Week

Young girl in her late teens or early twenties: "I would like to get a flu shot."

"Have we filled a prescription for you before," I ask. It's a lot easier if they already have a profile.


"Have you filled a prescription at another one of our locations?" It's a reasonable question.


"Ok, let me get your information. Do you have your prescription card?"

"No. My mom has it."

"Is she in the store?"


"Has she filled a prescription at any of our locations?"

"No. Is this going to take long?" She's agitated.

"I need some way to bill your prescription coverage to pay for the flu shot."

"You mean they're not free?" Young girl rolls her eyes.

"No, but there may be no cost to you depending on the insurance. I just need your insurance information to process the claim. Maybe I can call your mother and get the information over the phone?"

Young girl: "She's not home."

I sigh. "Well bring in that insurance information and I'll put it in the computer and see what comes up."

"Ok, but can I get the discount coupon you're offering for getting a flu shot?"

"No, we give those out when you get the shot."

Young girl looks upset and walks off. Five minutes later one of the brain-washed sub-managers is at my window. He asks for one of the coupons. He says he has a customer who didn't get a coupon. I ask if it's the young girl that just came by. He says yes. I explain to him that she has yet to receive the flu shot and that she doesn't get the coupon until she gets the shot. He argues with me and tells me some yarn about customer service and keeping the customer happy.

So you don't even need to get the flu shot to get the coupon. Great. What a company!


Anonymous said...

un-freakin'-believable. so glad i'm retired

Anonymous said...

So basically your company wants to pay people to get the flu shot?

Hildy said...

Don't get too upset. I got the coupons after getting the shot and they were mostly for garbage I wouldn't have bought anyway. I didn't use any of them.

Crazy RxMan said...

This coupon is for 10% off your grocery purchase, so it can be quite valuable...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah 10% is probably nothing for all those marked up grocery items.