Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Levaquin Lady, part deux

Levaquin Lady returns to get some meds refilled. Time for yet another round of Levaquin. Today, however, she's also shopping for a test meter for her diabetic son. Money is tight, she says, and she needs a good one that will provide the best accuracy at the lowest cost. So I show her the various options on our shelf, spending a good fifteen minutes explaining everything about what she might expect with what we have. I'm reminded again that money is the key factor in the issue. Finally, after a line forms behind her and scripts are ready to check, I convince her to look online first (i.e., PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE) and see if there are any companies that might send her a meter and strips for free. She likes that option.

Twenty minutes later I'm almost caught up when she appears at the window again, this time to buy a box of Oscillococcinum. It's about $15. Just being told how money is so important to her, I point out to her that she would do better to skip the product and save the $15. I didn't even attempt to address the fact that she was back to see me for Levaquin for a bacterial infection, not the flu.

"Oh, no, I've had it before. It's 'Homeopathic,' you know," she retorts, thinking she's using $20 medical verbage. 

"Do you know what 'Homeopathic' means?" The words left my lips before I could stop myself. 

"Well," she paused, "Yes." It was obvious she had no idea. I secretly hope she doesn't vote.

I tell her she really needs to read up on Homeopathy and Oscillococcinum and that she's really better off just drinking more water. She still insisted on spending the $15, and another reason for the French to make fun of Americans presents itself.

I love the way the author on Wikipedia puts it:


Unknown said...

Just be happy that you're not in the UK, where they have actual homeopathic hospitals.

C said...

I have a teenager you could talk to. Same results..*birds chirping*

Don't get me wrong, natural remedies are wonderful. I use honey for simple coughs and spicy soups to relieve nasal congestion.

Wasabi is a great way to clear the sinus, and goes well with sushi.

Anonymous said...

Love the WIKI reference. Try Youtube and search 'homeopathic beer' for the funniest skit ever.