Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Observation: It's the Holidays

Yes, its that holiday time of year again. Time to meet with family you haven't seen... sometimes it's only been a few months, or maybe even years. It's time to gather around the table and toast the warm feelings and thankfulness you feel for those around you.

And what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a nice full bottle of Vicodin... oh, you know what I mean. You've been coming in droves this week to get it filled. It happens every year a few days before the holidays start. You need the Vicodin to get through this week. Some of you will be breaking the law and passing them out to other family members and guests too. And now that I've written this, I guess its not really that random at all.


Anonymous said...

Or alprazolam. The RPh's at my store would order extra Vicodin and alp. just for the inevitable last minute rush. We decided that the holiday must be too stressful for most people to deal with unless they were heavily medicated!

Crazy RxMan said...

Maybe corporate should dispense Alprazolam samples for pharmacists and techs that have to deal with crazy business around the holidays.

Next stop: Christmas week. Let's get our order in early. Make sure you fill out the 222 correctly with no smudges or alterations too.