Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Management is hugely upset that our number of flu shots are down from last year. One answer to this is to make sure we ask every patient at both the IN window and the OUT window if they've had their flu shot this year. There is no deviation from this direct order, we're told.

Unfortunately, I'm disobeying the direct order. I know my patients and I know which ones I've already given a flu shot. Asking them again when I already know the answer makes me look foolish.

"Mr. Brown, have you had your flu shot this year?"

"Yes, Dr. RxMan. You gave it to me yesterday." Mr. Brown looks puzzled. He looks at his bottle of medication, wondering if I've actually given him the right medication. Maybe I should switch to the pharmacy across the street, he thinks to himself.

So no, I'm sorry Corporate. I'm not following this direct order. Stick it! And I don't mean a flu shot.


Anonymous said...

A tech at another store in my chain was reprimanded for not pimping flu shots at the beginning of every phone call.
Apparently, we are supposed to say "Thank you for calling (this) pharmacy, this is Mary. Would you like a flu shot?"
How weird is that? I always find it really annoying when the person answering the phone has a long speech to get through. And you are right, we will end up asking a lot of people who have already had a flu shot if they want another one. Isn't it better to at least FIND OUT WHO IT IS beforehand??
Erin- http://rxed.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

Your workplace sounds like it is straight out of the movie "Office Space"

Do you have to wear flair?

CrownedwithVictory said...

Haha I called CVS today to get their hours and I didn't even call the pharmacy #, I called the main number and the girl that answered said: Thanks for calling CVS PHarmacy have you had your flu shot?

I was all...like...what? Oh, yes, yes I have.

And then SHE laughed at ME. Go figure!

Crazy RxMan said...

My pharmacy chain is a lot like "Office Space," especially with the corporate people walking around with their coffee cup in hand and a guy who can't stop mumbling... ME!