Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rejected by the supplier

This is a portion of a form 222 to keep track of controlled substances.  We use this as an order form which is sent to the supplier.  This particular one was rejected.  They said the number 9 looks "altered."  I've asked about twenty people who all say it looks like a bolded number nine.

I don't get it myself.  Oh well.

Here's another one.  Everything else was perfect.  This was rejected because of the blotch where Mickey started to write the old supplier's name and then scribbled over it.  To our new supplier, this indicates fraud, forgery, or truancy of some kind:


Officer Cynical said...

Desecration of a Pristine Form is a Class A misdemeanor in my state.

Anonymous said...

no strike-outs, etc. on 222s. our supplier would have rejected the second one, also.

Anonymous said...

Vagabond Rx here: first form looks like it was originally a 7, overwritten with a 9.

Crazy RxMan said...

From our perspective it is a big issue with us because our previous supplier didn't have any problems with the same kinds of "problems" ... bolded numbers, scribbles, etc. It's the new supplier and there doesn't seem to be any consistency from form to form. They have approved some bolded numbers (even if it looks like it may have been a 7 and now a 9) but other times they send it back.

It's the nature of hand-written forms... nobody has perfect handwriting or printing. Griping about such minute crap is seriously annoying when grandma needs her fentanyl patches.