Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Observation: Tired of Waiting on a Friend

We have an automated blood pressure unit here in the store. It's free. People use it all the time. And much like the freebies provided by government, boy do people complain when it isn't available for any period of time. "How am I going to check my blood pressure?!" a lady wailed at me when it was gone for a few months during a construction period. 

It's back now and the freebie crowd is satiated, for the moment... but I wonder what will happen when their food stamp debit cards stop working when the government goes broke....

Anyway, today three well-dressed dudes are shopping in the store. They're dressed like their staying at the resort down the road and it's golf day. One of them is using the blood pressure machine, but one of the other two "gentlemen" is getting anxious. Perhaps he's worried about missing a tee time... who's to say?

From my vantage point in the pharmacy I can see them but they can't see me. Mr. Anxious turns around with his butt to the back of the guy getting his blood pressure measured. He bends over. I can't hear it from where I'm at, but apparently he let one rip. The guy is stuck in the cuff and can't immediately get away without hitting a rescue button to deflate the cuff. But he did manage a gesture with his free hand.

Moral of the story: Don't keep your friends waiting while you check your blood pressure.


Anonymous said...

i will never, as long as i live, understand men

Crazy RxMan said...

Me neither, and I'm a man.

For that matter, I don't get women either, but that's another story.