Friday, November 9, 2012

Please don't confuse me!

A little story about Auto Refill:

Awhile back the company developed an addition to our computer system called Auto Refill.  Just as the name implies, it will automatically print labels for patients two days before they (normally) run out of medication. This is a brilliant system, win-win for both patient and pharmacist. For the patient, they don't have to do any thinking... just come in when you run out of your medication and it is there on the shelf waiting for you. If you forget after a few days, the system automatically calls you to remind you. Plus, if you are out of refills, it will automatically fax the doctor for a refill, providing seamless drug therapy. For the pharmacist, it prints out a stack of labels two days ahead of time and we can fill them during down times in the pharmacy. And the BEST feature is that people who for whatever reason are afraid to type in their Rx number when they dial the pharmacy and then get connected to the pharmacist/tech and bug us during business times; now they don't have to bother.

SO I'm checking out a lady who has prescriptions on Auto Refill. She doesn't want them on Auto Refill any more. I explain that all she has to do is come in when she runs out of her medication and it will be ready for her to pick up.

In all honesty, she said to me, "That's too confusing."

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