Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Imagine NOT having to recharge your cell phone

All you need is $1,100. Chicken feed, right?

Apparently a company in China is selling a battery which produces power from the decay of Tritium and supposedly is perfectly safe for human use and supposedly has a twenty year life. Sorry Duracell, you lose. Of course, thinking back to all the times I've bought AA batteries for the Xbox remote for Boy # 1, I'm sure I've already spent in excess of $1,100. Actually Duracell, you won.

Interesting idea. Some of you rich folk out there go buy some so the price will come down. Thanks.

Here's the LINK.


Anonymous said...

I looked it up. It delivers a truly tiny amount of current, 50 nanoamps (that's 0.00000005 ampere if I didn't drop a decimal). Not anywhere near enough to power a cell phone. This technology was invented in the 1950s and not pursued because the current output is so low.

Crazy RxMan said...

Well that sucks.