Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mr. Roboto's Burger

Robot Serves 360 Burgers Each Hour

The Alpha machine from Momentum Machines is said to be capable of "cooking up a storm with its tasty burger," and to produce “gourmet quality burgers at fast food prices.”

It uses a conveyor belt system where meat is freshly ground, shaped, and grilled, then cooked according to the customer's specifications. After cooking, freshly sliced tomatoes and pickles are added and the whole thing is wrapped up ready to serve.

The one in the picture doesn't look too bad, but I'd get a big kick out of seeing the ones that went haywire and wrapped up for people... the ones that if made by a human wouldn't make it to the customer. I speculate a cool website called "Damn you, Robot Burgers" much like "Damn you, Autocorrect."

And if you've ever been stuck in the drive thru line at In and Out Burger, 360 Robot Burgers per hour seems pretty fast...

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