Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stupid as Dirt

An old fart named Owen has his brother come in on Friday during Flupocalypse with 2 Rx, one antibiotic and another for an albuterol inhaler. I always choose Ventolin first but his Medicare doesn't cover it. So I had to try other ones. Finally after working on it 10 minutes I get Proair to go through. 

Owen, the actual patient, must have walked to the OUT window just as his brother dropped off the prescriptions at the IN window.  He's there, impatient as always, and waiting at the register. He can clearly see we're all running around like crazy-- Mickey still doing flu shots... the tech munching in the back keeping her blood sugar up, me filling scripts... but he's used to Magic Mickey's Medical Miracle pharmacy where waiting is out of the question. "Can I get a little service down here?!" he belts out. He's really not trying to be funny; he's being an ass as usual.

I get the meds ready and bring them to the register. I tell Owen the trouble I had with the inhaler and that unfortunately the price is $40. He says, "Inhaler? I don't want an inhaler!" He doesn't want to get it because of the price but $40 is NOT unreasonable.

I tell him that we're just crazy, but when someone brings us a prescription we fill it. He tells me he doesn't appreciate my sarcasm. I tell him that the doctor prescribed it for him and he'll be sorry later if he doesn't get it. Yeah, I'm sick and tired of these damn people making us do work for no reason and yes I was sarcastic. It seems pretty simple, IF YOU DON'T WANT US TO FILL A PRESCRIPTION, DON'T GIVE IT TO US.

The very next day, SATURDAY, another of Owen's relatives comes in and asks for Mickey. I said Mickey isn't here. I'm not sure why people think Mickey works here 24 hours a day 7 days a week but they do. So the guy says he's Owen's nephew and he says Owen now wants his inhaler. He can't breathe and really needs it. I have no doubt Owen was hoping I wouldn't be here today. I took a deep breath and filled the prescription, again. We're not busy enough at the pharmacy, we love filling the same prescription twice.

Stupid as dirt.


Anonymous said...

You insult dirt! :)

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure he stood there, glared at you and wanted it done immediately...regardless of others already waiting.

Crazy RxMan said...