Monday, February 18, 2013

You have Flonase?

A comedy of errors... first the background... for awhile our next door competitor couldn't get generic Flonase (Fluticasone). I don't know why. I don't care why. All I know is I have plenty and I've been doing 2-3 transfers every day from people that can't get their nosey spray at the drive-thru.

Today a lady comes in and tells me our competitor doesn't have any Flonase and asks if I have any. I said, sure, I have lots. She says she'll go to the competitor and get her Rx back. She comes back in and I start getting her info and typing up the Rx. I'm typing it up and get all the way to the bottom of the Rx where the doc has written DAW (That means DISPENSE as WRITTEN, or in other words, no generic substitution). I explain to the lady what the doctor has written.

"But I asked YOU if YOU have FLONASE?"

I give a big sigh.  I try to explain but she doesn't understand. I offer to call the doc to see if he'll allow generic (it's been my experience that 99% of docs write DAW because the patient insists), but she just wants the Rx back. Just for fun, I submit the Rx to her insurance to see if they'll even cover brand. No, they won't. Good luck with that.

THE NEXT DAY a guy comes in and wants us to transfer an Rx from our competitor. It is the lady's husband, asking us to transfer the Rx from our competitor... the Rx I had in my hand...  which won't be covered. I call the competitor, and ironically enough, they missed the DAW on the Rx but the pharmacist caught it during the transfer. So after I complete the transfer I know it won't be covered. I call the doc to ask about the DAW and by some stroke of luck get to actually talk to the assistant. She says I don't have to bother... they called in Nasonex to our competitor.
I love wasting my time. Don't you?

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