Friday, February 8, 2013

The Future of Vaccinations

"Researchers at MIT have come up with a method to create 'super effective' DNA vaccines by relying on an array of microscopic plastic needles that measure a mere 250 microns wide and 650 microns high, and if you were to compare it to the average human hair, it measures roughly 100 microns wide.The microneedles in action can disrupt only the most superficial layers of the skin while avoiding nerve endings and blood vessels, rendering them painless to deliver the vaccine compared to hypodermic needles."

Just in time, too, because I'm tired of 13 year old boys crying like little girls just before I gave them this year's flu shot. I'm not kidding. I had multiple little girls aged 8-12 roll up their sleeve and bravely take the flu shot this year, but two 13 year old boys cried. Jeez. Really?



Anonymous said...

My 26 year old brother actually still faints at the sight of a needle. Like literal syncopal episode.

Its embarassing as hell.

Officer Cynical said...

It's all I can do to keep from crying every time I have to get a shot or get blood drawn.

Ms. Donna said...

Hey, as I kid my Navy father gor posted suddenly to an overseas assignmnet. Meant that I had to get many vaccinations in one day. I was fine for the first eight or so, but then the corpsman came at me one too times and I bit him. Mom was busy with my younger sister.
Yes, I drew blood. And while I am sorry now, younger me was NOT repentant.
I still hate shots, but do not bite.
A painless shot is just the ticket for me.

C said...

Both spawnletts prefer the shots to the nasal mist. And I quote, "stuff doesn't go in my nose, it comes out of my nose."

Crazy RxMan said...

Thanks for all the comments...

I had to laugh another day as this father was desperately trying to distract his two kids while I was giving them a flu shot. He was literally dancing like a circus bear while I was giving the shot. The kids took the shots with no problems. I think they were embarrassed.