Friday, May 31, 2013

Everyone Knows!

The grocery store housing my pharmacy has an issue with their heating/cooling. I don't know all the details but apparently they have to have a NASA engineer come out twice a year and switch the system from HEAT to COOL in the summer and then COOL TO HEAT in the winter. And since they only do this twice a year, we end up suffering the latter part of each season until the switch over.

This past fall we were well past the need for the air conditioning at the store. It was cold outside and colder inside because the air conditioning was blasting out cold air all the time. For a company that prides itself on customer service, the managers weren't very impressed by patients/customers complaining about the indoor temperature. I can deal with it myself by wearing a sweater or warmer clothing under my lab jacket, but at one point I had had enough of people complaining to ME about the temperature like I have anything to do about it.

So I flagged down the next assistant manager I saw walk by (I call them Sub Commanders because the company I work for is much like the Romulan Empire) and asked him if something could be done about the temperature... and that I had received several complaints from customers, thinking that might sway him.

In all honesty, this was his reply: "When you go to the grocery store, EVERYONE KNOWS you wear a jacket!"

News to me. I swear it was so cold I saw his breath when he answered.


Officer Cynical said...

At my house, I have a device called a "thermostat". It prevents the furnace from running when it's too hot, and the air conditioner from running when it's too cold. Maybe if you told your corporate geniuses about this device, they'd look into getting one for the store.

Anonymous said...

Actually, his comment is true. I never go to the grocery store without a sweater/jacket. And if I happen to do some couponing, I also wear gloves because my fingers go numb.

Anonymous said...

Many college campuses in Florida have their thermostats controlled remotely from a location out of state. Biggest WTF?! ever.

Library-Gryffon said...

When I was attending the University of Iowa I wore the same clothes, layered, all year. The question was whether I took the layers off when I went inside (in the winter it was -10F outside, and over 90 in the music building practice rooms) or on going outside, (in the summer it was 100 outside, and maybe 65 in the practice rooms).

AC/Heat switch days were determined several years in advance. The year spring came abnormally early the president of the music school was calling facilities almost daily with no results, even though faculty, staff, and students were dropping like flies. She finally had a stroke of brilliance and instead told facilities that several million dollars of University equipment were being damaged by the heat and humidity.

They were out within two hours.

Maybe if you can suggest that stock is being damaged by the inappropriate temperatures they will do something about it, since stock costs money to replace, unlike staff and customers.