Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kit's Katurday, May 2013

Hello. My name is Kit. I am a cat. Like many of my brothers and sisters, I have my own home and have several humans as my caretakers and pets. I am part of the global cat conspiracy to control humans. As part of this conspiracy, I have taken control of the Crazy RxMan blog for my own purposes. I'm letting the "Cat out of the bag" by telling you humans that we only act cute or look silly as a way to take control of your human minds. All the kitties and cats on the Internet are part of our global plot of world domination. And it works. For example, I know you, HUMAN, will look through these pictures and your "ahhhhs" and "isn't that cute" will create certain connections among the neurons in your brain for our future purposes. You are unable to resist as we take control, so you might as well enjoy it. Here, my human, is the first installment of Kit's Katurday:

We're too cute to resist.
Some of us have mustaches:

We make you humans doodle about us:

We allow you to dress us up as part of our mind control:

We don't drink alcohol. But it is how we control YOU:

Your mind says "Oh, so cute." Domination proceeding:

Our larger brothers and sisters are in on it too:

Yeah, some of us are fat. So?

We have moves:

We have our own forms of propaganda:

We are crafty like pirates:

Sometimes we can't resist and we eat you:

This is how we make sure you feed us:

A cat that lived on a diet of McDonalds? One of my brothers did this to gain human sympathizers. It worked.
Read HERE.

This is actually one of our leaders.
He helps coordinate efforts in the field:

We fund many of our global domination activities
with our own products, such as this silly hat.

Our training begins at an early age:

We rest a lot to conserve our energy
for the day we take over entirely:

Some of your appliances are actually
just for us. Stop using them:

We run experiments on you
to determine your weaknesses:

So now you know our plot. But there's NOTHING you can do about it. YOU are being assimilated, one cute kitten at a time. And I'm not "kitten" around. Muahahahahaha!

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Kathy said...

Thanks. This post brightened my day.