Friday, July 5, 2013

Foolish Gadget: Fork for Stealing Food

Nobody loves a freeloader, but hey, you know how it is like when the situation gets tough. The tough will obviously need to get going, and sometimes, in the scrap for survival, there could very well be tools that can aid you along. Case in point, the $10.99 Freeloader Extendable Fork which more or less explains what it does based on its name alone. This might look like an ordinary fork without anything special at first glance, but it has a secret ability of extending itself all the way to 21”. This allows you to grab food off your neighbor’s plate or from a different table without missing a beat, and also doubles up as an excellent back scratcher or pointer tool, although I would suggest you do that only after you are done eating, for hygienic purposes, of course.

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