Monday, July 1, 2013

Mrs. Tasker is Here Again

Here comes Mrs. Tasker again. You'd think maybe she might catch on and try auto refill or using the Goofmart Pharmacy website to request the refills ahead of time. No, Mrs. Tasker wants to make us miserable every month.

It always goes something like this:

"I need Evan's Singulair, and Ashley's ProAir. I also need Evan's ProAir, and my Singulair. Also Ashley needs her Singulair and Xopenex. And Evan's Xyzal. I also need my ProAir..."

And it goes on like this for a good three minutes. Now I've tried to tell Mrs. Tasker in the past that we can only pull up ONE patient at a time. In fact, I've told her several times. But it's the same thing every month. The order is different every month, and she doesn't always list the same medications, but she goes back and forth between her two kids and herself until I'm dizzy.

And every month, I get as far as the the first request for Evan, then I have to ask her to repeat herself. THEN the eye rolling begins. If there was an eye rollin' contest, Mrs. Tasker would be crowned Queen. I think she might actually be the Queen because none of the medications may be dispensed with their generic equivalents. ALL BRAND. One month she paid $1,600 for everything and didn't squawk.

You see, when the Queen demands the medications for her and the Prince and Princess, us lowly pharmacists must not ever be confused and fill immediately. So be it!

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bcmigal said...

We have a couple who come to the drop off counter with their list of drugs. They have been known to pull up a chair so they can sit and discuss their list with the drop off tech. Today, they came 3 times. Each visit took about 20 minutes. They do not care how many other folks are in line behind them. There were 18 prescriptions between. Five required DUR overrides and 2 required PA's. If we ask them to come back later, they call the corporate line and complain which earns them some gift cards. About 2 hours of our time was sucked into their black hole.