Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hope had even more Hope

Last year I posted a story about Hope

Hope always has hope that her narcotic prescription will process early. And because I will not give in to her demands, she has made complaints about me to the Goofmart managers. One of the complaints is that I will not fill her narcotic prescriptions two days early even if it will process on her insurance. She thinks that just because it will process on her insurance that means it must be legal and ok. It's not ok with me.

Hope has made other complaints about me with some really outlandish claims. When the truth isn't good enough, why not spice it up a little bit with some exaggerations and outright lies, right? One of the complaints was that one day she asked me to refill a compound for her, which I did. I had it done within minutes and it was sitting by the register. I then went back to eat the rest of my sandwich. The technician wandered out of the pharmacy to help someone find something that was right in front of their face. Hope came up to the register and saw me sitting eating my lunch and assumed that I never bothered to make her compound, got mad, and left. Yep, that was her complaint... that I failed to refill her prescription. 

Management came to visit me about these complaints and despite my explanations for EVERY SINGLE ONE of the complaints, I'm assumed guilty SIMPLY because a complaint was made. So much for innoncent until proven guilty -- at Goofmart, you're guilty. If you receive a complaint, you're even MORE guilty.

And now the best part. Because of the way the schedule worked out, last week I was off four days in a row. On the day I was back, Hope saw me and stopped by the pharmacy with a truly unhappy look on her face. 

"I didn't see you for several days and I thought you might have been transferred or something..."

Yeah... "something" -- you were hoping I was fired, you nasty old woman.

No, Hope, I'm still here. You haven't convinced the managers to fire me yet. 

Game Over. Please insert another token.

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Pharmaciststeve said...

Why not ask Hope's doc to write on the Rx.. can only be filled every 30 days - or whatever the days supply is. Then you can show Hope and management at GoofMart that you are just following doc specific orders.
If the insurance will pay for it, tell Hope that she have the insurance company send it to her.. she how she likes the timeliness of mail order !