Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's Up with That?

Lady: "I'm here for my prescription. It was emailed over earlier today. My name is Ms. Lowque."

Me: "Yes, I have it here. I didn't have any insurance info on the computer for you but it is on our $4 list. It may not even be worth trying to run it on insurance."

Ms. Lowque: "I have insurance. Here's my card."

I begin putting in the information. Lines start forming at the drop off and pick up window. This makes most pharmacists nervous. I'm no exception.

I send off the claim. It comes back "PHARMACY MODEL NOT ACCEPTED."

Me: "Your insurance says you have to go to a specific pharmacy to use this insurance."

Ms. Lowque: "I know."

What?! She let me put in her insurance info while people are lining up for service knowing that it wasn't going to work anyway? What's up with that?

Seriously... I really, really worry about our species. The average IQ must be dropping dramatically all around the globe, or at least in my neighborhood.


Jono said...

She is obviously the most important person there and wanted to exercise her power. It is her prerogative to be sure her subjects know their place.

Hildy said...

Remember what George Carlin said: "Think about someone you know who has an IQ of 100. Stupid, aren't they? 100 is the median IQ, which means half of all people on earth are stupider than that."

And the sociological corollary that the stupider someone is the brighter he thinks he is.

Anonymous said...

I said "ooooooh WHEE! What's up with that? What's up with that?"