Saturday, September 26, 2015

Entitlement and Attitude

A lady drops off a prescription for Augmentin for her daughter. She wants to make sure I have the insurance correct and announces to me that it is free.

It's a Medicaid plan.

I assure her we have the insurance correct. I type and run a claim. Yes, it is a zero co-pay. It's late in the evening and I'm all caught up so I tell her it will be just a few minutes.

So while I work, she paces back and forth in front of the pharmacy on her cell phone. It's the latest model of the iPhone with one of those really expensive cases. "What a nice gift," I chuckled to myself. I'm still using an iPhone 4s myself. It works great.

I snap the cap on and walk to the register. She's there, talking on her cell phone. It must be a very important call since we have several signs up indicating that you should not be on your cell phone at the pharmacy.

She signs out the medication and I start to counsel her while she's on the phone. She says, "What?" so I start counseling again. It's fun to repeat yourself. I ask her if her daughter has a penicillin allergy. She says, "What?" then says "No," and starts walking away. I wasn't done counseling but she's leaving, and as she's leaving, I hear her say on her phone, "I'm so sorry, I was at the pharmacy picking up a medication."

She apologized to her caller because I was trying to counsel her on her daughter's freebie from the taxpayers.

And just so you know, folks, these kinds of people are out there... everywhere, and they're breeding. If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, it should.

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Trauma CCRN with a ❤️ said...

I hate you have to deal with these "hidiots" as I've started to call them in the ICU, but I'm glad it's not just us in the hospital. We give free meal tickets to families as a courtesy when their loved one is critically ill and they have to stay, and one actually tried to sell them to a CNA after their loved one passed away. Go figure.