Saturday, August 20, 2016

Let's Ask em Twice!

This has happened so many times I've decided it has to be me because I'm just not getting it:

A patient calls...

"Hello, Goofmart Pharmacy."

"This is Barbara Askemtwice. Is my Lipitor ready for pick up? You had to call the doctor for a refill."

I fiddle diddle on the computer.

"Yes, it was refilled yesterday with two additional refills. It's on the shelf now, ready for pick up."

"So they authorized a refill?"

<sigh> "Yes, with two additional refills."

"And it's been refilled?"

Bigger <sigh> "Yes."

"So it's ready for pick up?"

Eyes roll. "Yes."

"So I can come get it now?"

Holding gun to my head. "Yes."

What's the deal? This has happened so many times I can't keep track. What is it about the words "It's on the shelf now, ready for pick up" that is so confusing? Seriously. Are these people impaired in some way? So bored that they want to turn a 30 second conversation into a five minute one? What is it about my delivery? What? What? What?



Anonymous said...

Well...I've had the pharmacy computer call me to tell me my prescription was ready for pickup. An hour later, when I went in to pick it up, it wasn't ready. So, maybe I'm not the only person that has happened to. :)

Daisy said...

My kids stepmother does this. Nearly every conversation we have, we have twice. Oh, and's always tempting just to hang up when she starts repeating what she just said, but on the off chance she says something different, I listen all the way through, dying a little bit with every diplicated syllable.

Anonymous said...

When they ask me, "how much does it cost?" I want to say, "The taxpayers paid $450 for your medication" but sorry to admit it, I wimp out and just say,"There's no copay." Of course they then ask, "how much?" And I have to say, "zero."

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a menopausal woman thing. Happens around my office all the time; it's as if they're talking and never listening and once you pickup the phone (or look at them) the script starts and there's no "off".