Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Choose Wisely, Patient

It was a crazy busy Monday.

At one point a new pharmacy patron appears at the window and asks if his prescription is ready... at least three minutes before it actually printed out on the fax machine.

When he first came in I told him we didn't have anything yet. His response, "I know. I was just checking."

Ok, odd response.

So three minutes later after I get the fax I put in his information, including the insurance he provided me.

"Coverage Expired. Ask Patient for New Card."

I tell him.

"This IS my new card," he YELLS at me.

"I believe you!" I yell back. "But THEY don't. You can either call the insurance and get it straightened out OR it's only $10 on our discount card."

He chose to go with the $10.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why do people think it is ok to act like spoiled, entitled brats, especially in retail settings?

I mean, really? Do you honestly believe your mother when she told you that you are 'unique, like a snowflake and you are special. Nothing else matters except how you feel.'

What the hell is the matter with people these days?

Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding myself on the other side of the counter as a customer and seeing a 'snowflake' freaking out on a fellow retailer. I LOOOOOVE to step in and give them a piece of my mind then offer to back up the employee, who is clearly just doing their job, when the inevitable threat of a complaint is made.

Try it sometime. Insanely therapeutic.