Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Demotivational Hump Day... Working in Retail


Anonymous said...

It's right up there with jokes when the clerk checks the bill to see if it's counterfeit, the customer quips "I just made it this morning".


Anonymous said...


The craziness of the 1st of the year. Add in a call-out or two from your union techs since they know just how nutty it is going to be. Sprinkle in a conference call from some middle management jerk that struts around while referring themselves as a 'clinical pharmacist' while berating 'low-performing stores' that are below goal for immunizations. Stir in customer complaints about insurance information that we should have already have 'in our system' and that all we have to do is 'look it up in the system.'

It is now 6pm. The techs and I have not eaten all day nor have we taken any breaks. Up walks a soccer-mom looking customer that starts tapping the counter with her freshly-manicured nails with one hand while sipping a Starbucks coffee with the other. All while glaring at us running around, clearly busy.

Says the soccer mom just as a tech runs up to the counter after hanging up the phone with yet another insurance company.

"Customers shouldn't have to wait this long. You really need to hire more people. I can't be wasting my time like this. I need to speak to your manager immediately."