Thursday, April 19, 2018

Karma Gets you Eventually

Decades ago the Crazy RxMan was a little boy.

One day I was at the grocery store with my mom. It was actually a Goofmart Grocery in our humble little college town. I loved to go shopping with my mom because I usually ended up with a box of Circus Animals cookies. It was fun for a little kid because the box had a string attached and you could carry it like a little suitcase. (Although it never seemed to stay attached very long).

This particular visit is burned in my memory, however. We were checking out the groceries when an idea popped into my head. It occurred to me that any of the impulse items available at the checkout would fit into my pocket and therefore would not have to be paid for. Among them was a Chapstick. So I put it in my pocket...

I was proud of my pirate booty, and by the time we had the groceries packed into the car, I had pulled out the Chapstick and was proudly showing it to my mother. "Look what I got and I didn't have to pay for it" or something like that, I said.

The Criminal
Mom pulled me up out of the car seat by my shirt collar and marched me right back into the Goofmart. She asked to see a manager and explained my crime. In my mind, I was certain I was going to be arrested and sent to jail. I honestly thought I was going to jail. Soon I would be wearing striped pajamas and have my ankle shackled to a iron ball. I was now a criminal.

As it turned out, I was let off with a warning. But Karma comes to get you sooner or later. I am now paying for my crime, every stinking day... for I now work for Goofmart Pharmacy, owned by Goofmart Grocery. 

Karma will get you. Be warned.

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