Friday, September 14, 2018

Push the Flu Shots, Pill Boy

It gets really old and annoying.

If your numbers aren't what corporate thinks they should be, the RPM calls.

"Are you asking every patient?"

"What's your action plan?"

"Look at every customer interaction as an OPPORTUNITY to talk about immunizations."

Let me tell you a secret about Crazy RxMan. I used to be in sales. And quite frankly, I was good at it. Damn good at it. Here's a cliche for you: I could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Yeah, I was that good.

And if I wanted, I could beat the pants off anyone around here selling flu shots.

But I choose not to. I didn't go to pharmacy school to be a salesman. I could do that without $100k in debt. Part of the reason I went to pharmacy school (and I'll bet most pharmacists would say the same thing) is because I didn't want to be in sales.

So all of your pushing us into selling flu shots and other immunizations goes in one ear and out the other. I'll give people a flu shot when they ask for one. And they do plenty of asking since we have about 1,030,330,304 signs posted on the property pushing them.

So, to quote Vinny... "Get off my case, toilet face."

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Anonymous said...

But what about that commission you get for each shot you "sell"? Oh wait..... you don't get squat except more pressure and a harder day. Hmmmm.....