Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tech Hour Excuses

Here's some of the excuses the RPM has told us over the past year as to why we can't have more tech help:

"Your script count isn't high enough for more tech hours."

So we increase the script count...

"Your sales aren't high enough to justify more tech hours."

We increase the sales...

"There's no one available to send to you. Besides, you should be cross-training grocery employees and use them to help you during busy times. And you seem to be doing just fine without any extra help."

So then management adds even more stuff for us to do, which is already a burden on a pharmacy that needs, at a minimum, an extra twenty tech hours a week. One additional item is correlating a list of people that need updated vaccinations. We simply don't have the labor to complete the list.

The RPM, thinking she was giving us incentive, added, "If you get more vaccinations done you'll qualify for more tech hours."

To which I replied, "On top of the twenty hours we've already been approved for and have been told there's no one to send to us?"

The RPM just stared at me for a moment. There was nothing she could say. Then she changed the subject.

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