Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Goofs of Goofmart

I have a lady that gets Xanax and Ultram for her dog. She’s been a problem patient for us before and I have long suspected she’s taking the dog’s meds, which, if true, is just atrocious. But I don’t have proof of course. 


The lady dropped off a script for Oxycodone for herself that had instructed us not to fill it until the next day, Saturday. She also had new prescriptions for her dog; Xanax and Ultram. I filled those. She paid and left.


She comes in and picks up her Oxycodone. She's acting goofy. Really goofy. Her speech is slurred, both eyes red, and although I'm not exactly sure, but I think she left her cart filled with a few groceries after paying for the Oxycodone and just walked out.


She comes in and asks for her Oxycodone. Again, she was extremely loopy. I told her she picked up the Oxycodone yesterday

“No, I gave you the script yesterday! Don’t you remember? It said do not fill until SATURDAY! IT’S SATURDAY! So I’m here to get it!”

“Today is Sunday. I filled it yesterday. You came by yesterday and picked it up.”

I had to show her that it was Sunday using my iPhone. She still wasn't convinced she picked up her med, so then I had to print out a verification page on the computer with her signature showing that she picked up the Oxycodone.

People! Please don't take your dog's medication.

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Anonymous said...

"I'll have whatever the dog's having."