Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Printing Prescriptions from Home?

A lady brings in a script for Tramadol for her dog. I guess Fido was having a bad day. 

The prescription looked photocopied. 

I told her: "I can't fill this. It's photocopied."

"It's NOT photocopied. I printed it. The vet emailed me a PDF file and I printed it at home."

"This is for a controlled substance. Doctors and veterinarians can't just email prescriptions to patients," I tell her. "It needs a written signature unless it is sent through the e-Script system."

"Well Dr. Vet said it was ok."

"Dr. Vet is wrong. It's not ok. I'll have to verify it with their office."

I called the office and told the receptionist that we have a script that was emailed to the patient and printed at home.

“What’s the problem with that?” she asked.

"What's to keep her from printing several of these and trying to get them filled all around town?"



Anonymous said...

I have to sign for each and every Tramadol Rx for my dog.

Anonymous said...

Hope you checked your state's Prescription Monitoring Program to make sure Fido hasn't been getting his Tramadol at other pharmacies.

clairesmum said...

Maybe this particular veterinarian needs a bit more scrutiny of controlled drug management practices?