Friday, May 3, 2013

A Cool Skin for your Gadget

New gadget? New Tool? Need something to keep it in? This cool website offers "skins" for just about anything. And they're "battle ready." For invading Koreans or Zombies, I don't know.

Skinths are made from 1000D PU coated CORDURA® nylon, which has proven itself to be battlefield ready and tested. In most cases, matching industrial coated polyester thread is used. Some models have contrasting colour stitching.

Check out the SKINTH website for more info.


C said...

I swear, you find some of the best gadgets-I mean making fun of people and the industry of pharm is funny but the gadgets..ooooohhhh.

Anonymous said...

O.o So... you're... poking fun at a website for offering protective coverings for phones or other devices that are.. not just fancy and pretty but are actually.. durable? and protective and don't necessarily require itself to be covered in neon flowers and glitter? Or are you making fun of them for using a material that is defined as "battlefield ready." o.O