Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Single Dose Toothache Knockout!

Today a lady calls and asked what I thought about her giving her mother some of her amoxicillin to knock out her Mother's tooth pain.

I told her what I thought. I told her about why dentists and doctors prescribe antibiotics with a duration sufficient to make sure the infecting organism is eliminated entirely. I told her that neither her nor I could possibly diagnose her mother with the same condition she's being treated for. I told her about federal laws which state medicine is only for the person prescribed. I told her that If I advised her "Yeah sure, give your mom the medication" and she became hospitalized or deceased I would be liable. I told her absolutely not to do it.

She laughed at me. She explained that one dose of amoxicillin always knocks out a toothache and that "You have to save them up for using later!" She said that no one is going to arrest her for giving her mother her medication and then laughed some more.


Why do people call with questions like this when they've already made up their mind? 

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Anonymous said...

....and she is just one little piece in the puzzle called 'the post-antibiotic era'. Just sayin'.