Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm a pharmacist and I take medication. I remember to take my medication. But that's just me. I have family members that have a hard time remembering to take their medication. I even know of other pharmacists who have a hard time remembering to take their medication.

That might change. There is a NEW wireless medication bottle by a company called Adhere Tech (that's for ADHERENCE to your medication regimen) which is crafted with technology to help improve medication adherence. According to reports, this container can somehow measure the number of tablets/capsules inside the bottle and send that information via cellular technology to the Internet. In other words, it will tweet, email. instant message, call you via phone, or send a text to let you know the status of the medication, letting you know if you've taken your meds or not.

The software will also keep track of how well you're adhering to your medication regimen and keep a log of data you can share with your doctor or Medication Therapy Management profession (your pharmacist). By keeping track of how well you're taking your medication and increasing that adherence, this is sure to reduce hospital visits and increase overall health of the patient.  

When this will be available to the public is unknown at present, but this is the website to check: The Smart Pill Bottle

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