Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sending Hubby to the Pharmacy

This is for the ladies out there. 

Please listen to me. I'm a pharmacist but I'm also a man, and because I'm a man I understand men. Guess what? We men don't listen to you most of the time unless you're saying "dinner's ready" or "I'm in the mood for love" or something involving sports, sex, or food. This is not a character flaw. It's just the way we're designed. We hunt, eat, fix things, and procreate. That's what we do. Since we don't really hunt meat anymore, we solve that need with sports and political games at work. Unless you've been living on an island with only females, you know this too. It is what it is. Deal with it.

You can deal with it by listening to this sound advice: WHEN you send your husband down to the pharmacy to get you something, BE as SPECIFIC as POSSIBLE. Don't send him for a "nasal decongestant." TELL HIM which one you want. Text it to him or write it down on a piece of paper and pin it to his shirt. Trust me on this. I've been on the pharmacy side of this too long now and I'm here to help you. Help me help you to get what you want by following this advice.

I know you women well enough to know that if you've sent your man down to the pharmacy to get you Zyrtec that I won't send him home with the store brand saving you $10. I know not to do that. I know you won't be happy and you can trust that I will make sure your husband gets exactly what you asked for, but you have to help a little by being extremely specific. If you want Zyrtec-D, make sure you say the D part or he's going to show up with Zyrtec and you're going to be unhappy and withhold sports, sex, or food. And as a guy myself it's up to me to help my brothers out there so I'm telling you, BE SPECIFIC.

Ok, thanks. Bye.


C said...

I take a picture of the box and send it to his phone. The pharmacist doesn't need to touch the phone to see the picture. Done and done.

Anonymous said...

This is SO true! As a wife and as a pharm tech, I am really laughing. Male customers come into the store SO clueless about what their wife wants them to get, and it usually takes at least one phone call home to get it sorted. Women come to the store, they know what refills their husband needs, the otc's they are out of, and where to find them.

Gwen said...

You are right on so many levels. I take care of my husband's medications at the pharmacy because he can not handle them by himself. If I had to send him to get something I would do the same as C and send a picture of the item on the phone. Wonderful idea. I would not withold anything at all, as I know mistakes can happen.

Anonymous said...

My mom sent my brother to the store for eggs one time, he came home with a half dozen as I remember, he would of come home with 1 if he could have. We were a family of 4, 6 eggs wouldn't of filled my brother let alone all of us. LOL

Anonymous said...

....Apparently, I've only dated weirdos, and married a freak who is thoughtful and listens to me..

Abigail Cashelle said...

I have sent my dad to the store with the empty box. He has still managed to come home empty-handed. (They didn't have a box that looked exactly like the one you handed me....)

I'm so glad that you attempt to help.


Anonymous said...

2.22 Anon, my husband is also thoughtful and listens to me. But he's still biologically a man, and always prefers to know specifically what I need and he needs it written down if it's more than two things that I ask him to get. He also can make a stab at an alternative product if he has a good understanding of what I need it for. For instance, I would say that I'm making dog treats and I need some wheat germ and there won't be wheat germ at Trader Joe's but there is oat germ, he can make an educated guess and buy it and it is fine. Otherwise he doesn't have a clue what I am planning on using these items for and he doesn't know that, say, Philly cream cheese in a tub isn't the same as cream cheese blocks and I can't use one for frosting, so if he doesn't see what I ask for he doesn't buy it. He'd rather go back later for missed items than to get the wrong thing and go through the hassle of returning it or trying to use up something neither of us really want.

That said, our brains truly are different. Males and females differ cognitively. It's heavily due to differences in sex hormones that affect how brains develop, and there are also some non-hormonal physical reasons that just make the way we input information different. Baby brains are very similar, then the hormones come, the brains change during development and the way the brain responds to external input (like being given a shopping list) differs.