Thursday, May 16, 2013

Digital Tablets -- Dangerous for Eyes?

A recent article suggests that digital tablets and iPads might be hard on your eyes.

People who use computers regularly for prolonged periods of time can often suffer from eyestrain. When the eye muscles work harder and become strained, resulting in dry, tired eyes and headaches. Smaller screens means that text is crowded into a smaller area and then the eyes need to work harder to read it. To avoid eyestrain, experts recommend to limit the amount of time you spend using the tablet, especially for reading. 

For gamers, research suggests that aspects of vision could be improved. When playing an action or adventure game, the player needs to focus and demonstrate coordination with spatial awareness and fast reactions. For regular players, these skills gained might be transferred to real life, particularly in tasks such as driving and sports. Quickly recognizing a target or an enemy in a game could improve the ability to see hazards on the road.

Whilst there is valid evidence to support both points, it seems clear that the digital technology can be used to your advantage to improve coordination, contrast sensitivity and even reading skills. As the digital tablet revolution seems set to grow and prosper, it’s important to use the device with caution. Limit the time you spend on your tablet and take regular breaks to reduce the risk of eye strain or dry eyes.

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