Friday, May 17, 2013

Attention Pharmacy Students!

This would have been really handy when I was in pharmacy school... a better way to solidify pharmacy facts in your head: 

Spaced Repetition Learning (SRL)

Research on memorization shows that the best time for a new fact to be remembered, “cementing” it in memory, is often just before it is about to be forgotten.  Based on this discovery, ideal repetition sequences have been mapped out: a new fact memorization might best be first practiced several minutes after the first time, then several hours, a day, several days, several weeks, several months, etc.  At a point which will vary based on the individual, the fact has been permanently memorized and will never be forgotten, even with very rare reminders.

SRL software implementations include eSpindle Learning, Flashcard Exchange, Course Hero, Memrise, Mnemosyne, Skritter, SuperMemo, Winflash, and OpenCards.

See the original article HERE.

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