Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm going to take my business ELSEWHERE!

A man hands the tech an empty bottle from a competitor. He wants a transfer. He left before she had a chance to tell him there are no refills remaining on the medication. As is customary, we fax the doctor for a new prescription. Surprisingly it comes back later in the day and we fill it. The man shows up the next day to pick up the med and gleefully asks for his $30 transfer gift card. I explain the situation and that since it is technically a new Rx, we can't do the gift card.  That's just company policy.

He gets mad. He says the whole reason he transferred it in the first place was because he wanted the gift card. I look on the computer and look at his profile and see that he's actually been transferring to other locations as well, probably collecting a $30 gift card at each of those locations too.

"I'm going to take my business ELSEWHERE!" he yells at me. I reply, "Sir, it looks like you've been taking your business EVERYWHERE!"

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