Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Personal Observation # 1

Men who back in their truck into parking spaces ALL THE TIME are insane sport heads who have more regard for their favorite football team rather than their girlfriend or wife.

Many of them live with their mommy.

It's a personal observation.


Ms. Donna said...

How about women who back their small older cars into their parking spots? Habit I learned long ago for quick exit. And I don't have football stickers, just my kids' college stickers.

Unknown said...

I find the hunting nutters back up their trucks just as often here. Its the gigantic trucks too. Not just the little bitty trucks. I think its because they can't gauge the length of their truck beds! (wink)

C said...

My mellow husband that only follows the Iditarod, and is an accountant backs in because he wants to pull out of the parking spot and be able to see everything. He has a medium sized truck and no "balls" on his tow hitch. It drives me crazy.

Crazy RxMan said...

It truly is a personal observation of mine which keeps repeating... any time I see a truck backed up into a parking space I'll make a point to look and sure enough they're a mini football helmet or college mascot hanging off the rear view mirror.

And if I get the chance to see the driver with a female companion, I've always seen that the respect for the companion is just not there.

I'm sure there's lots of distinguished professionals with big trucks that they back in who highly regard their female companions. I just haven't seen one yet.