Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Angry Drug Rep

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring...  (it's a busy Wednesday morning)

"Goofmart Pharmacy, this is Crazy RxMan, how may I help you?"

"Hello, this is Stacey with Pfeva Pharmaceuticals. I'm calling to tell you about a new medication, NoMoreWartz which is available now for ordering... This medication has the following indications..."

I cut her off, "I'm sorry, but you'll have to call back. I have three patients waiting for prescriptions and I don't have time to listen right now..."

She cuts me off, "This is the THIRD time I've called back. I called on MONDAY and TUESDAY but YOU said you were TOO BUSY to talk to me.

Ms. Fancy Pants Drug Rep is referring to Mickey my pharmacy partner as I was off on Monday and Tuesday. He was likely busy too and asked her to call back.

"So WHEN can I call back to talk to you about this NEW MEDICATION?!" She has the attitude like it's absolutely not optional for me at this point.

"I work this weekend. Saturday or Sunday would be fine."

"I don't work weekends. Did you know that this medication is..."

<click> I hang up. 

My heavens, what is going on with drug reps these days? If they're not calling you on Monday mornings, they're showing up with a pile of coupons.



was1 said...

you've hit on one of my many peeves. i love it when someone with a thick indian accent (dot, not feather) introduces herself as 'lisa thompson'. and don't bother asking a question. they can't vary from their script and it screws them up so they have to start over. if a drug rep stops by for a visit, i will always make some time them. but don't call me at 10AM on a monday and expect me to listen to you ramble on about something you know nothing about.

Frantic Pharmacist said...

Yeah, what in the name of all that's holy makes these people think we have time to stand there and listen to some spiel?? You're calling a PHARMACY, dude!!