Thursday, October 24, 2013

Miss Loosey wants some "DOZE"

Remember Miss Loosey?  

Today Miss Loosey comes in and says she wants something to keep her awake. She says she's looking for a product called "Doze." I laugh. I said, "You mean No Doze, right?" She says yes, not getting why I laughed.

I resist the urge to throw out a double negative simply because of the fun ("We don't have no No Doze!") but instead I just tell her we don't carry No Doze. I also tell her that we do carry Vivarin. And of course, I didn't even want to try and mention the store brand. I've been down that ROAD before.

"What's Vivarin? I want Doze."

I chuckle again. "You mean NO DOZE. Vivarin is the same thing. It's just caffeine."

"But it's not Doze," she replies. Fortunately, her daughter is with her. 

"Mommmmmmm, it's the same thing!" she says as she rolls her eyes. She's a teen.

Miss Loosey grabs a box of Vivarin off the shelf and studies it intently. The phone rings, so I step away to get it before the technician gets it. I want OUT of this situation, fast.

Ten minutes later I see Miss Loosey and her daughter still looking at the box of Vivarin. They're arguing about something. I can't quite hear it. Perhaps they're arguing about No Doze and Vivarin. I'm fairly certain it's not about the Government Shut Down or the current state of the stock market. Finally, I see Miss Loosey look up in the air, shake her fist like she's mad at God, and then toss the box of Vivarin into their shopping cart. They stroll off.

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